About Us

Crafting your own is fun, economical and very rewarding.

The Malt House was established over 10 years ago and has set the standard for brewing and cheese making supplies in New Zealand. Our small and very dedicated team are here to ensure the best equipment, ingredients and advice are available at all times for anyone from the beginner to the most advanced.

If you are in to Beer making, Wine making, Spirit and Liqueur making or Cheese making, then you need to talk to us. We source the largest and freshest range of Malt, Grains, Hops and Yeasts from New Zealand and around the world which are carefully stored and packaged to ensure they are available to you in the best quality available.

Our range of Wine making, Distilling and Cheese making equipment and ingredients is huge and will enable you to produce as good as, but usually better than the commercial varieties. So if its product or just advice on Home Brewing or Cheese making you need, give us a call, drop us an email or visit us in store.

We are here to help!