Black Rock Crafted IPA ( Bag In Box)

Black Rock Crafted IPA ( Bag In Box)

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.A classic IPA with punchy bitterness and biscuity malt character. Predominantly ale malt but with wheat for head retention, toffee and a small amount of crystal this will satisfy the IPA lovers taste buds every time. Can produce a range of West Coast, NZIPA, APA by experimenting with dry hops from your favourite regions. Includes Safale US05 yeast and 50g of quality hops of your choice ( just let us know in the comments)

89% Ale Malt, 6% Wheat Malt, 3% Toffee Malt, 2% Light Crystal Malt

ABV 5.8%, FG1012, IBU38, SRM8 When made up to 23L as per instruction

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