Best Pilsner Malt

Best Pilsner Malt

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EBC 3 - 4.9 

BEST Pilsen Malt is rich in enzymes and has a high extract value. Used either alone or together with other malts, it is the perfect base malt for all kinds of exceptional and flavor-some beers. Even with a high concentration of specialty malts in the grain bill, this malt ensures optimal processing during production and, as a result, is a base ingredient for the best first-class beers of all styles. BEST Pilsen Malt complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot.

Base malt for all beers, Premium Pilsner ans Pilsner beers, Export, Kölsch, Lager, Helles, light beers, and as a base malt for almost all beer styles.

Up to 100 % of the grain bill.

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