Black Rock Crafted Pale Ale (Bag in Box)

Black Rock Crafted Pale Ale (Bag in Box)

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.Pale Ale is a moderately bittered, refreshing straw coloured ale. Supplemented with enhancing malts and wheat to produce a beautifully balanced beer. Best when dry hopped with your favourite aromatic varieties. Includes Safale US05 Yeast and 50g quality hops from our range ( just let us know in the comments)

Dry Hop Suggestions-- Taiheke, Citra, Centennial, Chinook

82% Ale Malt, 6.5% Wheat Malt, 6.5% Carapils Malt, 5% Munich Malt

ABV 5.3%, FG 1.010, IBU30, SRM7 When made up to 23L as per instruction