Still Spirits Botanicals Mint Leaf Gin

Still Spirits Botanicals Mint Leaf Gin

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Discover the art and science of craft distilling by making your own small-batch Mint Leaf style gin.

When used with a simple distillery set-up, you can craft distill a Mint Leaf style gin to enjoy any way you like.

Makes a refreshingly crisp mint leaf style gin, juniper forward with bright notes of citrus and mint.

Mixing Instructions:

Refer to the instructions included with your still for detailed instructions on how to run a botanical distillation.

We recommend the following amounts for our still systems:

Air Still Pro; 30-35 g (1-1.2 oz)
Air Still: 25 g (0.9 oz)
T500 Reflux & Alembic Condenser: 1 Pack